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Friends Informational Brochure

  • We promote the growth, development and greatest possible use of the Library.
  • We expand programmings in the Library.
  • We maximize the role and usefulness of the Library in the community.

Funds derived from membership, special projects, gifts, endowments, and bequests are utilized to enrich the Library’s resources.

After seven years of hard work, dedication, and fundraising, the Friends of the Turtle Lake Public Library can proudly state that we have accomplished our mission to help raise funds for a larger public library.

Anyone interested in becoming a Friend of the Turtle Lake Public Library, please contact the Library or join us at our meetings which are held every second Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Library Reading Room.

Turtle Lake Public Library

Library COVID Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-4pm

Tuesday, Thursday 10am-6pm

Saturday Closed

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