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Teen March Madness Book Edition

At the Turtle Lake Public Library, preparation for March Madness begins in the early winter months when we announce 8 of our most popular young adult books. Then, the tournament heats up as those...
Share your library love story.

Your library story is powerful.

Your stories help libraries share how library resources, spaces, and safe places support our community. Your stories, or testimonies are more effective than a librarian sharing what the library...

Friends of the Turtle Lake Public Library

Join us in serving the community through fun events! The Friends of the Turtle Lake Public Library are volunteers who support the library by helping with special programs and events. Past programs...

Printing with Princh

Print from anywhere. Princh is a convenient app for those who want the convenience of printing at the library from a personal device. Download the free Princh app from Google Play or wherever you...
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